Maintenance and Repairs

Simple yet easy to fix?

Like most things they are pretty simple devices until they break down.
Up, down, up, down, repeatedly until they all of a sudden stop functioning the way they functioned before. Luckily, that easy existence often leads to simple and easy maintenance. Occasionally, though, even dependable aged parts can fail.

Got a problem with yours?

Take a look at the steel tracks
Check out the mounting brackets that keep the tracks to the building. In case they’ve loosened, tighten up the bolts or screws at the brackets. While at work inside the garage whilst shut, take a look at the tracks for dents, crimps, or flat areas. If you can find any specific affected areas, pound them out with a plastic mallet, or with a hammer along with a block of waste wood. If the tracks are severely affected, they need to be renewed.
Horizontal tracks must slant a bit down towards the back end of the building; with roll-up doors, the vertical parts of track need to be accurately plumb. Either track has to be at the exact length on the wall space. In case the tracks are not appropriately arranged, loosen but try not to take out the screws or bolts that secure the mounting brackets, and tap the tracks gently into position. Recheck the tracks with the degree to ensure they’re in the appropriate spot; then tighten the screws or bolts at the mounting brackets.

Quick Repairs

As soon as yours starts behaving strangely, usually it is letting you know it’s time to carry out a small amount of servicing. Therefore, before triggering the worry key, try out this uncomplicated maintenance. First of all, look at the tracks and rollers. Give the guides a good brush and lube well before moving on to anything else. The easier the door moves, the better it will function for longer.

Silence That Noisy Thing!

Noisy items cause all kind of problems, especially for anyone who has to sleep above or next to it. Fortunately, most noisy problems can be fixed with a combination of routine maintenance and the replacement of a few parts.

Check for loose hardware, and tighten as needed
On swing-ups, check the plates where the spring is mounted to be sure the screws are tight, and tighten any loose screws. On roll-ups, check the hinges that hold the sections together; tighten any loose screws, and replace any damaged hinges. Sagging at one side can often be corrected by servicing the hinges. If a screw hole is enlarged, replace the screw with a longer one of the same diameter. If the wood is cracked at a hinge, remove the hinge and fill the cracks and the screw holes with wood filler. Let the filler dry and then replace the hinge. If possible, move the hinge.

Caution: If a roll-up has one torsion spring, at the centre of the door, do not try to repair it. The tension is so great that the spring could injure you. For those with this type of spring, call a professional repair service.

It goes without saying……

A&P are here to help with any requirement, so do not try and repair what you are unsure of, let us take care of it for you!
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